POLL: Webpack 4 example?

I just recently spent some time updating our cesium-webpack-example to make sure it aligns with the latest Webpack 5 processes.

Would you find an example for Webpack 4 useful? Do you know of use cases where Webpack 4 is still used over Webpack 5?

I started down this route but everything seemed to be pointing towards using Webpack 5 over 4. I’m assuming the only place people still use Webpack 4 is in existing/legacy projects that may already be set up to utilize CesiumJS. I just wanted to put the question out there to gauge interest before continuing down the road into legacy package versions/build tools.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I’m currently using the Webpack 4 example to fix a legacy project at work. Whoever set this thing up never had Cesium installed as a node dependency and simply copy/pasted Cesium’s required directories from one of our other projects into this one’s static directory.

@roycrippen4 projects like that are why I ended up ultimately preserving the webpack-4 example. I hope it’s been helpful trying to update yours!