Polygon height and extruded height issue


When polygon extruded height is less than polygon’s height the height property is not working properly. It seems in this case it is taking extruded height as height of the polygon. Please find the attached sandcastle screenshots and sample code. Could you please confirm whether it’s the expected behavior or not?



polygon_extrudeheight_greaterthan_height.txt (691 Bytes)

polygon_extrudeheight_lessthan_height.txt (691 Bytes)

Hello Gowtham,

I think you are misunderstanding how we interpret the values of height and extrudedHeight. The two values represent the height of each face of the polygon. So height: 100, extrudedHeight: 200 means the height of the bottom surface is 100 and the height of the top surface is 200. These values can be interchanged, so height: 200, extrudedHeight: 100 should result in the same geometry.

I know the definition of these parameters is a bit confusing, and we plan to improve this in the future.