Polygon Raster Overlay - disable locking to globe coordinates?

Hello, this is my first post and let me start by saying I’m very impressed with the level of tutorials and general documentation that has been able to get me working very quickly. Thank you, as that is a bit of a rarity with UE5;)

The issue I’m having is that I would like my polygon raster overlay to NOT be locked to the global coordinates. I am making a quest3 passthrough where I would like my polygon to be locked to a user’s table as the globe is transformed through it. So the PolygonRaster should be locked to the Unreal world, not the globe.

I’m not finding an obvious way to do that. Any advice?


Hi @aweidenhammer,

You might have a better time using the CesiumTileExcluder interface, a new feature that we included with the Cesium for Unreal v2.0 release. Unfortunately, we don’t have a written tutorial for it (yet), but you can reference Level 13 in the Cesium for Unreal Samples, which demonstrates how to exclude tiles outside of a specified box.

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Thank you Janine! I’ll have a look at that today!

Well, that’s perfect!

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