Polyline geometry rendering color and order

I had tried adding more than 10,000 polylines by entity.polyline,but after it was rendered, my browser would crash or sometiles the fps would lower to 10;So i tried creating polylines using geometry Instance, and it works better.Here’s another problem is when the camera’s height is over 1,000 meters, the color of overlapping lines or close lines mix together.I know that entity.polyline.clampToGround and entity.polyline.zIndex could fix this problem.BUT i can’t find any attribute to fix this problem in geometry instance, please help!
camera height:1,000meters

Because new user can’t update more than one picture,here’s another:
camera height: 700 meters

Could you show how you’re currently adding these lines with a Sandcastle example we can run? See: How to share custom Sandcastle examples.