The higher geometry can't cover the lower geometry


I create a dataSource of polyline which set the hight 300, create a RectangleGeometry which set the hight 3500, but the RectangleGeometry can’t cover the polyline when rotate the camera

when the camera over the earth:

when rotate the camera:

It dosen’s appear in 2D view.

How to solve it? Thank you


Unfortunately, Cesium doesn’t currently have great support for draw ordering. I think you might be running into this bug:

I posted a link to your issue so we can notify you when we have a chance to fix it.

Could you please paste a Sandcastle sample to reproduce this? That way we can test it more easily.



Thank you . Could you help me solve it? the labels disappear when cluster enabled.!topic/cesium-dev/JrZ60d1r_zk

在 2016年12月19日星期一 UTC+8下午11:50:56,Hannah Pinkos写道:

We haven’t had a chance to look into the clustering problem quite yet, but we have an issue open here: