polyline is not transparent while drawing on terrain loaded globe.

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Hi sir, I am trying to draw the polyline using the mouse handlers over the terrain loaded globe. While drawing the polyline the line is going under the terrain and sometimes not visible. Once i completed the drawing it is becoming transparent. How to make the line transparent while drawing also.

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shape = viewer.entities.add({

polyline : {

positions : positionData,

width : 3,

material : new Cesium.PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty({

color : Cesium.Color.YELLOW.withAlpha(0.7)


depthFailMaterial : new Cesium.PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty({

color : Cesium.Color.YELLOW.withAlpha(0.7)




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To mark the areas

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Any solution for this for making polyline transparent and visible.

Can you post a full Sandcastle example I can run? Are you saying the polyline appears with the correct color only when it is static? Are you using a CallbackProperty to make it dynamic while drawing?

A picture might also help.