Polyline jittering on Apple devices

I’m experiencing an issue with the polyline jittering on Apple devices, Macs with the M processors (Intel ones are ok) and newer iOS devices like iPadAir 2020 and iPhone 11 Pro Max(iPad 2018 and iPhone X are ok).

Does anyone have a solution or workaround for this? The effect can be seen here after you select “View Aircraft”.

There’s also a Github issue here.


Thank you for your detailed community forum post!

Recently, we have been debugging various CesiumJS bugs with the M1 Apple devices running iOS 12. What version of iOS are you using to reproduce your issues? For some context, the primary problem that we have noticed on the M1 devices running iOS 12 involves inaccurate highlighting on 3D tilesets.

I just tagged another CesiumJS developer on the GitHub issue that you shared with me. I will work with our developers to address this as soon as possible.



Thank you for looking into it. The iPad Air runs iOS 15.0 and the iPhone runs >=15.0 don’t know at this moment. For clarity reasons I’d like to mention that the both iPad and iPhone have A* processors while the mac mini 2020 has an M chip.

Is the example I mentioned enough? Are you able to reproduce the issue?

On the different note, this is causing a huge amount of issues for us and we’re in an urgent need of a solution. Do you happen to have a workaround? Or can you suggest different way of showing a path that’s visible at all zoom levels without using a polyline?



The examples and information that you have provided should be sufficient for now. The biggest bottleneck on our end is accessing the devices necessary to reproduce, test and debug these issues.

In the meantime, have you tried experimenting with CZML Polylines?

This could be a potential workaround for your use case. I am curious to hear your overall thoughts.



Thanks for the quick reply, Unfortunately loading it as czml has exactly the same effect. Also, in case it’s worth mentioning the jittering happens only when the camera is close to the polyline(in both cases).