Polyline without callback property disappears from the map when ```mapMode2D: Cesium.MapMode2D.ROTATE```

When the mapMode2D: Cesium.MapMode2D.ROTATE

The polyline that does not have callbackPropery is blinking and dissapears from the map.

I added a sandcastle with 2 polylines, one with callbackPropery and one without.
I added another peace of code that creates 1000 points.

  1. If you disable the code of 1000 points and start to zoom in gradually the polyline is flickering and partially disappears, after you have max zoom in and zoom out it starts to work kind of correctly(sometimes it still partially disappears)
  2. If you enable the code of 1000 points it flickers and disappears all the time

sandcastle example

Maybe those issues are related
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