Possible bug: objects are visible through mountain walls

(I don’t know where to report this. )
For example here:
Rotate this map and you will see, that point is always visible, even it supposed to be hidden behind the mountain.
The same is on my map run on localhost on the computer - billboards and 3D graphics are always visible.


viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain = true;

to fix this.

This worked, thank you.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll update the example. I created an issue on our GitHub here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/4945
If either of you are interested, it would be great if you wanted to open up a pull request with the fix! See our contributing documentation for instructions: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#opening-a-pull-request



@darekk thanks for the report. @Klaus thanks for the fix.

This was updated in #4963.