Preset Path Cesium for Unity Samples

Hey, just discovered the Cesium for Unity Samples git repo and love it. As of now, I have to preset the starting lat and long coordinate for the initial position or adjust it myself. Is there any way I can preset a list of lat and long coordinates that the camera flies to in order? Knowledgeable but not an expert with Unity 3D so guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Also, could someone explain which scene or how to utilize the fly to controller? Sorry if there is already a post about this but I was unable to find one. Thanks!

Hi @vt123, welcome to the community!

I’m glad to hear that you’re making use of the Cesium for Unity Samples! Have you checked out the scene labeled 04_CesiumSubScenes? The scene includes a script that allows you to smoothly fly between various places on the globe, using the Dynamic Camera. (This prefab has a Cesium Fly To Controller attached to it.)

I actually wrote the script myself, and I believe I made it possible to create a list of long / lat coordinates for the camera to fly between. :smile: For that script, you can use the 1-4 number keys to fly between locations.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!