Prevent 3D tile re-load when entering camera view


Cesium seems to be unloading and re-loading 3D tiles as they exit and re-enter the camera view. Is there a way to maintain the local tiles loaded, even if it consumes more memory? I tried changing the Cesium3DTileset options, but was unable to achieve this.


Hi, I’m not sure if it will work but you can give it a try. You can increase tileCacheSize:

viewer.scene.globe.tileCacheSize = 1000; // default 100
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Hello, I have already increased the scene.globe.tileCacheSize, and it did resolve the issue for the terrain tiles, however, it does not seem to resolve the issue for the 3D tiles.

Hi, I’m not sure if there is any inbuilt feature to manage cache size for 3D tiles. For detail you may check this post.