What is cesium tile naming scheme and how to cache tiles of particular region beforehand?

I have a use case in which i need smooth tile loading, and i need to make it as perfect and seamless as possible. The solution that comes in to my mind is that to pre-load the tiles of an area of interest (at specified zoom level), and when i zoom into that area then cesium should fetch those tiles instead of making a network request every time the camera changes location. Is this thing even possible in cesium? If not, then is there any other solution to tackle this problem?

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We don’t have any preload functions currently (because often this goes again a data provider’s terms of service), but we wouldn’t be opposed to adding such functionality in the future. We’re happy to look at a pull request!


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Have you made any progess regarding a preload function for tiles? My use case would be to preload local tiles (at different zoom levels) into RAM before letting the user interact with the viewer.

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Preloading is still something we’d like to see, but isn’t something we’ve had a chance to develop yet. The latest here is an overhaul of the terrain/imagery loading to reduce the number of tiles that get loaded and make everything feel a lot more response. You can read more on that here:

The PR is linked to in the last comment there.