Problem importing cesium

Hi, i have a problem when i import cesium, i want to show the cesium world terrain but i got this things :

And not the world but i don’t know why. Any idea ?

Hi @hugol,

Can you give us more information? I’ll assume that by “import cesium” you have created a new Unity project, then imported the Cesium for Unity package. What steps did you take to add Cesium World Terrain to your scene?

Yes, but it was not a new project, the thing is it works fine when i click here (Bings maps aerial):

But its just a white sphere if i click on cesium world terrain :

And i have this bugged indicator here :

Moreover, i created a sphere to put around the earth, im trying to make an atmosphere, but i can’t move it, the three axes are not showing up and i have this coordonate problem :

Hi @hugol,

This is expected because Cesium World Terrain itself isn’t a textured tileset. You’ll have to add an imagery layer as a raster overlay on top of Cesium World Terrain, such as Bing Maps Aerial or Sentinel-2 imagery.

As for the second problem, that’s unfortunately a byproduct of working with a large-scale accurate globe. You can still change the transform values in a slider-based way by hovering above the label, then dragging horizontally on top of it. For example, hover over the “X” label in the Position field, and you can adjust it like a slider.

Ok thanks, thats not a bug then, ty for this information.