Problem with terrain loaded by GeoserverTerrainProvider plugin in Cesium

Hi folks,

I am trying to load terrain in Cesium from a GeoSever hosted locally providing DEM data using GeoserverTerrainProvider( plugin. It loads the terrain on the globe but it doesn't look proper, see the screenshot here: Where could be the problem?

I am using:
Cesium Version 1.5
GeoServer Version 2.5.2

when you convert your DEM, which type of data did you use? Float 32 or Integer 16?
GeoserverTerrainProvider works with Integer16 data type.

HI Bob,

Its Integer 16. Where else could be the problem? Is it possible that the difference between tile size served by GeoServer and the tile size expected by Cesium causing the problem?

I don't think so, in wms mode, the plugin choose the tile size. Is it possible to access to your geoserver from internet?
did you use geotiffTranslate?

What is the source of your DEM?

Did you translate your tiff without errors?