Procedural Foliage Tutorial broken

Hi here again :smiley:

I’m trying to reproduce the procedural foliage tutorial (as this is quite a cool and advanced feature that we want to use for sure), and I run into the following issue:

ComputeEastNorthUpToUnreal is not a member of ACesiumGeoreference FoliageCaptureActor.cpp line 176

I looked it up in CesiumGeoreference.cpp, and it looks like this was either changed not so long time ago into ComputeEastSouthUpToUnreal or to ComputeEastNorthUpToEcef

Would be interesting to understand why this was changed/deleted?

Any hint how this can be quickly fixed?

Cheers & Thanks


We removed ComputeEastNorthUpToUnreal because it was misnamed. It was an Unreal left-handed coordinate system, so it was actually East-South-Up not East-North-Up, despite the name. You should be able to use the new function in place of the old one, but let us know if you run into trouble.


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Thanks, works like a charm