Projection of a kml datasource into 3d globe causes some problem

hello everybody, I am a newbie in cesium. I have a problem when projecting my kmldatasource in 3d globe. can someone explain me why all my data did not stick with the globe. However, when I change the view to 2d map, it sticks very well.
does it have any relation with any system projection?

KML data is always in cartographic coordinates, so projection is not the issue. It’s impossible to answer your question without having access to the file, can you share your data? What do you mean by “sick with the globe”?

Thank you, this case occurs only when I use the default terrainProvider . If I change a terrainProvider such as STk world terrain, the kml data sticks very well with any type of scene (3D,2D,2.5D).
I meant by “did not stick with the globe” is that all points didn’t take the coordinates that they should, for example if I have to move to the left of the globe, my datas move somewhere else. So that’s why I have changed the terrainProvider to STK world terrain.


What you are probably seeing is a parallax effect due to altitude of the data. Cesium doesn’t support the various KML altitudeModes completely yet, but we are hoping to remedy that before the end of the year.

Cesium defaults to a reference ellipsoid, which I wouldn’t exactly call a terrain mode. I wonder if in ellipsoid mode if the satellite imagery is even drawn on a triangle mesh. Does your KML specify an altitude mode? If not then by default it is clampToGround.

Thanks all of you. within my kml data I specify an altitude mode clampToGround. These answers help me very well
Best regards.