Proper actor orientation

This is tangential to another question I posted that has fallen into the bit bucket.

I am struggling with how I should be properly orienting my actors so that forward is forward.

That is, if I set a yaw of 0. It should face north. 180 should be south. Why is this important? well unreal calls the +x axis forward and so if you ask for something like the forward vector, it gives you the actor’s +x axis direction.

In the above image, I have the object oriented so that its “front” is along the +x axis (the red).


Here are the rotation settings. All 0. In unreal, +X is actually east (Cosine, I get it).

In the image of the missile that is facing east in the world.

So my question is, how should I be orienting these objects? Is there a way I am overlooking such that I can have 0 yaw be north AND the forward vecror (+X) also facing forward?

Right now, I have everything rotated -90 degrees in the Z so they look right, but as I mentioned, that means functions such as GetForwardVector() will give me directions that are 90 degrees off visually./

It may be that is just how it is and you have to live with it.

Hi @BDelacroix! It looks like this is related to your Forward Vector In Cesium for Unreal Environment post, and seems to ask a similar question.

I’ll keep the conversation on the first forum thread, but am linking it on one thread in case someone stumbles upon this first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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