Proposed breaking change: Consolidate atmosphere settings for SkyAtmosphere and Globe

I’m starting to work on adding fog to 3D Tiles. In the process, I’m noticing that there are multiple copies of the atmosphere parameters such as Mie/Rayleigh scattering, and color adjustment. One copy of these settings lives in viewer.scene.globe, and another in viewer.scene.skyAtmosphere. This surprised me. These properties conceptually should be the same for ground and sky. It would also simplify the implementation if they were only in one place.

Does anyone here adjust SkyAtmosphere and the Globe atmosphere settings independently? If so, I’d like to learn under what circumstances this is helpful before I make any changes. On the other hand, if you agree that consolidating the settings would simplify the API, I’d like to hear that too.

For further details about this proposed change, please see Proposal: Consolidate SkyAtmosphere and Globe atmosphere settings? · Issue #11681 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

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