Pure webgl rendering

I would like to inquire about progress in 3d models integration to Cesium.

Now I am trying to render simple textured 3d model, but all what I got is unshaded polygonal mesh of the specified color.
May be you could give some code samples or hints of how textured 3d model can be rendered with the latest Cezium version. I have been browsing reference documentation and source code but still have no clue.

The first idea that came to my head was looking for some hook in the Cesium where pure webgl rendering is possible with access to some current cesium states (like matricies).

Have you considered the possibility of some third party webgl engines (like three.js) integration to cesium?

Many thanks in advance!

For integrating with other WebGL engines, keep an eye on #648. It’s something we want to explore, but it’s not a near-term goal for any of the core developers AFAIK. Contributions welcome, of course.

As for models, I am working with Khronos on a new standard for 3D models on the WebGL: glTF. I am finishing up some other rendering work and will pickup on glTF again shortly. If you want to code something up quickly in the meantime, keep an eye out for the pull request for the batching branch, which will have a lot of useful rendering abstractions to build on.