Q. Mipmaps embed in Compressed Texture

Hi I’m testing about CRN(DXT) texture for B3dm.

**I think **

current cesium (1.5x) has no ability to load mipmaps in compressed texture(ex. dxt with mipmaps) yet.

var mipmap =

(!(defined(internalFormat) && PixelFormat.isCompressedFormat(internalFormat))) &&

((sampler.minificationFilter === TextureMinificationFilter.NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST) ||

(sampler.minificationFilter === TextureMinificationFilter.NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR) ||

(sampler.minificationFilter === TextureMinificationFilter.LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST) ||

(sampler.minificationFilter === TextureMinificationFilter.LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR));

// GLTF_SPEC: Support TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF/issues/40

if (mipmap) {




Have any plan to implement it?

thanks cesium team.


We actually just recently implemented this (loading KTX) in order to support HDR images for image-based lighting (IBL). This is the class:

It should be able to load the mipmaps. Although I’m not sure if it’ll correctly use it when loading in b3dms. Do you have a sample file that you’ve tried?