Qt5.4, Cesium and Javascript

Hello Cesium experts,

I am trying to embed Cesium inside a Qt application, and as a newbie at this, I'm having some trouble embedding it.

I am using a simple QWebView to load the html file of Cesium. The 3d earth is correctly loaded but then instead of displaying the entire map (inside the earth), it is all blue. Does anyone know why ?

Plus, I read many posts on Cesium and Qt but still didn't find my answer. Is it possible to send or write javascript commands from the Qt application ? For example if I want to display a POI in the map, could that be possible from Qt ?

Thank you for your help.


Just to be more precise, I am using the node.js module to use Cesium in an offline mode with the HelloWorld example. (server.js is running)

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {
        imageryProvider : new Cesium.TileMapServiceImageryProvider({
        url: ‘http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html
        baseLayerPicker : false,
        geocoder : false

The blue earth is most likely do to the fact that they default imagery configuration expects the app to be hosted in a web browser, not an application. If you configure your own base layer, everything should work fine. For example, add the following option to your Viewer constructor:

imageryProvider: new Cesium.BingMapsImageryProvider({

url: ‘http://dev.virtualearth.net


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