Quantified mesh using web Mercador

I am trying to consume Cesium quantified mesh data in an application (not Cesium.js).

I need to use xyz values that map to Web Mercator, and can see in the documentation that this can be configured via the ’ layer.json manifest file’ .

I am unclear about where/what this json file is, how do I call quantified mesh data using Web Mercator xyz style?

The layer JSON contains metadata about how to read the terrain tiles. How are you currently accessing the Quantized mesh terrain data? If you are using the Cesium ion REST API, the doc here describes how to access it: https://cesium.com/docs/rest-api/#operation/getAssetEndpoint

So once you get an access token for Cesium World Terrain, you’d access the layer.json at https://assets.cesium.com/1/layer.json.