Quantized Mesh Terrain - mercator profile support?


I’m trying to get terrain tiles with mercator profile (so 1 tile at level 0) working in CesiumJS. I can see the terrain tiles are requested but it looks weird without errors. See https://bertt.github.io/cesium_issues/profile_mercator/ (zoom out a lot)


layer.json see https://bertt.github.io/cesium_issues/profile_mercator/tiles/layer.json

When using geodetic profile (so 2 tiles at level 0) it works as expected, see https://bertt.github.io/cesium_issues/profile_geodetic/

layer.json see https://bertt.github.io/cesium_issues/profile_geodetic/tiles/layer.json

Tried to set tilingScheme: ‘slippyMap’ in CesiumTerrainProvider/layer.json but it doesn’t seem to have effect.

Q: Is a quantized mesh terrain with mercator profile supported? Any pointers/samples how to get this working?

Hi @bertt,

Based on the spec, mercator is supported.

By default, the data is tiled according to the Tile Map Service (TMS) layout and global-geodetic system. These defaults can be varied by specifying the projection and scheme.

Allowed values for the projection are EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator as used by Google Maps) and EPSG:4326 (Lat/Lng coordinates in the Global-Geodetic System). It is worth noting that the EPSG3857 projection has only 1 tile at the root (zoom level 0) while EPSG:4326 has 2.

I see you specified projection, but you may also need to specify scheme.

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