Tiling Scheme terrain/quantized mesh and WMTS


I would like to generate a mesh from a Cesium terraindb with a texture from google or WMTS

Looking at the scheme in the Cesium inspector - I got a tile scheme, which is shifted against the tile scheme of google or tms - is this right ?

See screenshots - also the content is different or is this caused by different projections (WebMercator - EPSG:4326 ?

L 15/34102/7351

From Tiles à la Google Maps: Coordinates, Tile Bounds and Projection | MapTiler

Google 15/17051/11167
TMS 15/17051/21600


see GitHub - CesiumGS/quantized-mesh: Specification for streaming massive terrain datasets for 3D visualization. , there are 2 tiling schemes (tms (origin SW) /slippymap (origin NW)- default tms) and 2 projections EPSG:4326 (2 root tiles)/EPSG:3857 (1 root tile) - default EPSG:4326)

Hi Bert,

Do you know which of These have the same tiles Like a normal WMTS or is there no correspondence ?


WMTS can define the tiling schema, but most used is like slippymap (origin NW) and projection EPSG:3857 (1 root tile). However with quantized mesh terrain tiles I have only seen tiling scheme ‘tms’ and projection EPSG:4326 (2 root tiles). So combining the two is not so trivial.

But normally in Cesium you define 2 layers, one for the terrain (TerrainProvider) and one for the imagery on top (ImageryProvider) to combine the two.

Hi Bert,

thank you for the answer - I would like to use terraindb in two projects one with Cesium one with another programme (written from our company), so I asked, if there is the possibility that the two schemes fit together.

Considering that both terraindb and the WMTS have the same projection - could I combine them or is the range always different (-90 to 90 degree in Cesium) ? Do you know any solution ?



I never used terraindb, maybe someone else? what is it, sqlite?

CesiumJS supports quantized-mesh terrain with the 3857 projection, which should align with the typical tiling scheme used on the web by Google Maps and many others (which is also EPSG:3857). It also supports combining 4326 terrain with 3857 imagery, even though the tiling is misaligned. And in fact this is a common situation, for example when using Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps aerial imagery. It’s true that this is non-trivial if you need to implement it in your own client, but you can take a loook at the CesiumJS source to see how it’s done there.

Depending on the nature of your in-house program, you might also find it useful to leverage cesium-native rather than dealing with all these details yourself.