quantized-mesh terrain spec has a new home

Anyone that has followed Cesium development for any length of time knows that we are passionate about helping foster open specifications and standards to advance the state of the art in geospatial visualization. One such effort, the quantized-mesh terrain format, has been given a new home on GitHub:


This replaces the old HTML page on cesiumjs.org (which will redirect to the new home when we release on Tuesday) and follows in the footsteps of the 3D-tiles specification, which is located at:


We still encourage discussion of quantized-mesh to happen on this mailing list, but having the official spec in a public repository will hopefully raise awareness of the standard and also encourage others to participate in the conversation.



Great, thanks.

Has there been any meaningful discussion or implementation of quantized-mesh code other than in Cesium? I’ve only found one project that seems to actually implement the format at all: https://github.com/geoadmin/3d-forge .