Quantized mesh terrain


I’m building the cesium terrain in 2 formats; heightmap and quantized mesh.

Heightmap works fine, but on quantized mesh there are some large gaps, especially on mountain terrain.

For example:

But when i check the actual tile data (simply reading the triangles and rendering the wireframe in custom app), there are no gaps:

If i check the wireframe in the cesium i see that the problematic tile is rendered in a decimated form:

So the question is; why is the cesium using this decimated tile form?

Also, please ignore the tile cut-off on the bottom, this is just some test data i’m working with (same problem happens on full dataset).

Ok, should have checked the console sooner…

The problem was that upstream proxy was not seting the correct content type/encoding.

Now all works fine.

But it’s interesting that some tiles worked and some did not.