QuantizedMesh NoData

I having been playing around creating my own quantized mesh tiles and currently I set areas of no data to the min elevation of the tile. This results in cesium rendering a cliff at the edge of my terrain data. Is there a way to say in the tile there is no data here so don’t bother rendering a triangle down to min elevation etc. I guessing it was designed to render a world globe with no missing elevations.

Hi Alan,

With quantized mesh, not that I know of. In CesiumJS, you can add clipping planes to prevent rendering a part of terrain.

Thank you Gabby for your response. Clipping planes is not what I was looking for but I will look into it to see if I can get the same result. I am trying to create a terrain mesh with irregular borders made up of many tiles where the edges just stop when I have no terrain data. The quantized mesh tile was designed to give continuous terrain as far as I can tell so I am probably better off with a different approach. I have managed to get a reasonable result with shading.