Question on projecting orbits using TLE

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I'm doing a project in cesium and trying to find a way to project orbit paths about ten years in advance. I'm very confused about the tools that I could use to do this; I've looked into AGI STK, sgp4, etc. and nothing is quite making sense to me.

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Essentially, I have my own data on a current orbit path, and I want to be able to project in the future so that if I pick a future date, I will see the satellites' projected location over earth. I am not worried about the date selector or the display of the satellite, but rather my issue is regarding how to actually generate future orbit paths.

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Hi there,

Cesium is more of a visualization tool. The goal is to perform more intensive analytical work offline, then view it in Cesium. I think what you need is AGI’s STK Components, which provides more analytical services. We have a showcase that gives an overview and how it’s related to Cesium.