Questions about using Line Trace By Channel

I have a question related to Line Trace By Channel.

I’m trying to place a tree actor using Line Trace By Channel.

Latitude, longitude and height values are required for placement.

Latitude and longitude values are used by creating a csv file for testing.

However, for the height value, I tried to use the location where I hit the tile through Line Trace By Channel.

But the result looks like the picture below.

Tiles don’t collide properly, is there a way to fix it?

Blueprint is also attached.

Turn on the translator and ask a question.

thank you

The height may change based on what level of detail tiles are loaded at the time. (For example, a lower level of detail tile may have shallower peaks and valleys than a higher one).

When you’re doing the Line Trace, are you doing it right as the program starts?

Thank you for answer.

I was able to figure out the problem by getting a hint from the answer.