Quick mouse movement issue

My question is inconvenient to take screenshots
But you can give it a try:
When the 3dtile is loaded and I quickly switch from one perspective to another, the scene display will be very poor
But when flying in a straight line or the direction change is not too significant, this problem is not too serious
I want to know how Cesium renders 3dtile?
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you!

3D Tiles is designed to only load parts of the data that are “necessary” for the user’s current view. The criteria for “necessary” may differ depending on your needs, but that’s why there are so many options on the Cesium3DTileset. So if there’s no camera viewing the location you want to switch to, then by design, there will be no tiles in that new area in the immediate moment that you switch.

One workaround is using the CesiumCameraManager to manage multiple cameras. You can have two different cameras, one at each location. Then, tiles should load in both areas at the same time, and when you switch to the other view there will already be tiles loaded. But this does mean that the tile-selection algorithm is doing more work, and that more tiles are being loaded. This work can be increased based on your tileset settings as well. So be mindful of the potential performance implications.

If you’re taking screenshots, it may be easiest to just wait for the tiles to load before taking the screenshot.