Ray intersection with terrain


I’m trying to implement Line of Sight support in Cesium.

Based on previous posts I understand that to do this, I would have to load the Highest level terrain tiles

along the path of my intersection ray and carry out Intersection tests with the terrain mesh.

I’m a bit lost in regards to this. Can someone please clear up some doubts I have about implementing this.

  • Which is the module responsible for actually generating the Terrain mesh from terrain data.
  • Is the Terrain created in the HeightMapTerrainData format or as QuantizedMeshTerrainData?
  • The Intersections module supports ray triangle intersections. So is it possible to obtain the triangulated mesh from each Terrain tile so that I can use the inbuilt intersection tests?
    If someone could just give me some idea as to where the implementation of these features resides I’m confident

I can figure out a way to expose the remaining functionality myself.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sushrut Shivaswamy