Read glTF model from qgis2threejs in cesium ion

Hello, I have a question about reading glTF model derived from QGIS plugin qgis2threejs in cesium ion as 3D Tiles.

Created model is set of pipelines with geolocated coordinates in “geometry”. Uploaded model (exported in WGS - EPSG:4326) visualize correctly, but without geolocation (“tileset location has not been set”).
Is it possible to read glTF model (derived from QGIS plugin - qgis2threejs) with geolocation straight in cesium ion or I have to prepare some kind of work around/adjustment?

glTF files in Cesium ion are not geolocated. It is expected that the glTF can be geolocated at runtime, ie in CesiumJS etc.

But a secondary question for you: How is the glTF being geolocated by QGIS? glTF doesn’t have a built-in system for geospatial coordinate systems.

Thanks for replay.

I was thinking wrongly, that matrix of each element is connected with geolocation of the model. So now, as far as I understand, this matrix defines location (translation, rotation, scale) in “local” system.

I read about geolocation glTF model at runtime in CesiumJS, but as far as i remeber it was by setting only one vertex (Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees) of the model. In my case when I would like to visualize bunch of pipelines as one 3d model, probably it would be hard to determine the center of the model to correctly adjust glTF in WGS.