Release of egm96-universal

Hello everyone,

I recently had an issue that necessitate to convert between the WGS84’s ellispoid-based altitudes (used by Cesium as reference) and EGM96 (used by Google Earth and, by extension, KML files). As far as I could find on Google other people in the Cesium community also had the same problem but no satisfying solution existed (aside from an old unmaintained lib working only in node.js).

So I worked on it and released a library on npm:

If it can be of any help to someone…


This is awesome, thanks for sharing this Nicolas! I was actually looking for something just like this the other day, when I was exploring getting height info from the browser’s geolocation API and realized some devices return height relative to MSL and others relative to the ellipsoid.

Hi Nicolas, this is really great! We’re not set up with npm. I’m wondering if I can just grab a JS file from the project or is there more going on behind the scenes? I see the WW15MGH.DAC file in the project. Does this need to exist and be referenced or has it been incorporated in the final JS?