Reload user applied view settings on reload of Cesium globe

We are utilizing Cesium on a web page that contains many other types of WebGL plots. We are running into a Chrome bug (link below) that crashes the Cesium WebGL context when too many contexts have been opened. What we need to do is reload the Cesium globe when a reload is required for the other plots on the page (re-initialize the WebGL context). I think we can do this ok, the question is, how can I re-apply the settings that the user may have applied to the globe on reload (zoom level, map position, angle of view, 2D/3D selection, base layer selection)? Otherwise on reload, the globe snaps back to the defaults and causes annoyance for the user. Is there a place I can capture these settings prior to re-load? Thank you.

Cesium - 1.41
Chrome - 63.0.3239.132
Windows 10 and Windows 7

Cesium doesn’t have a built in event like that, but you could try listening to the WebGL canvas’s context lost event:

The code for getting the canvas would look like: viewer.scene.context.canvas