Removed PointGeometry and PointPrimitive

This is a heads up for anyone using PointGeometry and PointAppearance. These classes started out as the point cloud implementation on the 3d-tiles branch about 2 years ago and were ported to master sometime in-between. Since then the point cloud renderer was rewritten and these classes are no longer used in the code base. They were marked as private and so their visibility was somewhat limited. Now they have been removed.

If you are using PointGeometry and PointApperance you can grab the files from here and continue to use them in your app as standalone files.

Sorry - the title should read “Removed PointGeometry and PointAppearance”

You can of course continue to use PointPrimitive and PointPrimitiveCollection.

We have some custom code that displays .las files in Cesium. It had been using Cesium.PointGeometry. If we want to use a current version of Cesium, should we manually add in the old PointGeometry classes, use PointPrimitive (performance?), or is there some better way now to display many points with good performance? Thanks!

I think PointPrimitive might be your best bet. For reference, you can see how Cesium renders the points in a 3D Tiles point cloud here:

It creates a custom draw command to render the points.