Render speed

So here is the story.

I used the GE javascript API to develop an amazing flight simulator, strictly in the context of javascript. This was a complete simulator where every single key on the keyboard had a function. All aspects of flight were included along with way points and global navigation (plus the pilot could turn his head to see a new view). GE worked quite well. While flying there would sometimes be a delay in filling in distant background terrain of about 1-2 sec, so while noticeable, it did not really interfere with the overall effect of flying. So when they discontinued the service, it was a disaster. When I heard about Cesium, I was excited that I could get my simulator up and running again.

So I began the process of conversion. I was able to bring up the initial location and camera angle for my application. But the first view took 1:22 minutes to load. This is using the same computer and internet connection that I used with GE. So it was obvious that to do a flight simulator with Cesium was impossible.

The way the simulator works is to recalculate the position of the craft (lat, lon, elevation, camera angle) and then call in the new view. I was wondering if there was some way to increase the render speed. If not, I guess there really is no way to save the project.

There is one other issue. I notice that the data stream is limited to 15GB per month. With such a data intensive application, I am wondering if I would not hit that limit rather quickly. This was not an issue with GE.

Any ideas? Or should I just forget it.

Sorry. It turned out that it was the computer. I used a different computer and it worked OK. It is strange though how that particular computer simply could not handle cesium at all. It streamed videos without much problem.

Hey Harold,

My best guess is that the other computer you used may have had some configuration that had poor support for WebGL. Hard to say without more information whether the issue was the web browser, OS, drivers, or some combination of that. You can use WebGL Report to see this information:

For your question about streaming usage, is your flight simulator a commercial application? You should be able to upgrade to the second tier on Cesium ion and get much more bandwidth.

Thanks for the info. Yes it turns out that it did not support webgl2.