rendering order anti-aliasing

I have some dynamic svg renderings of ‘pins’ working quite well. As I’ve been working on these tasks I’ve noticed a couple of issues:

In billboard.png:

The rendering order has the lines is displaying on top of the billboards. I guess the lines are closer, so I should bump up the eyeOffset of the billboards?

The billboard on the right renders over the other the billboard on the left. I guess the point that the billboard on the right is closer to the camera, so that controls the order. There’s some anti-aliasing going on around the edges of the billboard on the right. Is there a way to control that?


Hi Scott,

Adding an eyeOffset should fix the problem with your line displaying in front of the billboard

Sorry, I don’t really have any advice for your other problem. You could try adding a small eyeOffset to the billboards that are further south, so they draw in front?



The second issue will require looking very closely at how the billboard on the right is rendering on top of the other billboard. The over lapping pixels actually show the earth, so something is going on there. This reminds me of anti-aliasing(is that the right term??) but in a strange way where it’s allowing those pixels to render what’s behind both billboards.


Thanks Scott, I understand what you’re saying now. I didn’t see the earth showing through at first. I’m thinking that might be related to this issue?
Could you possibly provide a code sample?

Also, is your globe in 3D or 2D mode?



No worries, it was my fault for not being more specific. I always think everyone knows what I’m talking about. Haha,

3D, and I’ll have to check on a code sample. In the world of FOSS, everything should be shared right? The little speech bubbles, pins, or whatever you want to call them are really cool IMO. I’ve actually got several methods of rendering into them including images, html, and svg. If it’s ok with Lockheed, I’ll see about providing a PR of a couple of classes(but that would put a dependency on easeljs, although I think it would be straight forward to convert to straight svg).


I had applied a scale to the billboard, and as soon as I removed that the issue went away. So, this appears to be a specific issue with scaled billboards with a transparency. I haven’t had time to work on a demo, but let me know that would help out as some point.


Okay, thanks! I added a note to that transparent billboard issue so someone can look into this to see if it’s related.


Hi Scott,

For your second issue, it was likely fixed in #4886 that will be in Cesium 1.30 next Tuesday. Let us know if you are still having issues.