Replacing BillboardGraphics with RectangleGraphics vs PolygonGraphics

I need to be able to place images on the globe and not have them rotate the way that billboards do. I was thinking of using a Rectangle or a Polygon. The first issue that I ran into is the sizing differences of each of the three graphics. The polygon seems easier to support a height and width the way that the billboards height and width properties work. Basically, I want to size the new graphics roughly the same size as my billboards or at least use roughly the same scale. I guess I could figure about a couple of magic numbers to do the conversions, but I was wondering if there was a better idea.


Hello Scott,

I don’t think there’s a way to make a rectangle or polygon scale with the globe. However, you can use Billboard.alignedAxis to fix the billboard so that it rotates with the earth.

This should make the billboard always point north:

billboard.alignedAxis = Cesium.Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;



That’s a much better solution, thanks!