reproducibility for clustering results

Is there any way to make the the clustering results reproducible? Or is there anywhere I can find the spec or documentation for the implementation of clustering feature?
When I use the clustering feature, I find that the clustering feature is not reproducible. If I zoom in from some point, and then zoom out back, I cannot get the exact clustering results I had

Attaches are examples to explain this issue. It seems Google map clustering feature does not have this reproducibility issue. Any idea about why this happens to Cesium clustering feature?

BTW, I am also feeling some confused about the “pixelRange” option in EntityCluster. I did not get what it actually does for clustering feature. I know when we change this value, the clusters get changed. I am not sure how this option affects the clustering results. Thanks!


I do not have a direct answer to your question, but you may be interested in looking at the initial clustering feature implementation: for more information as well as the declutter roadmap issue: if you would like to make a suggestion.