The clustering not work when convert to 2D from 3D

I’m using Cesium to do a project. When I see a Clustering demo on Clustering.html, I find it will be nothing to show at the moment when I convert to 2D from 3D, but move the camera ,it will show these entities.

how to solve it?

Thank you

This is a known bug. We have an issue open in our GitHub here:
I added a note to look into the specific issue you’re seeing as well.



Now I have found a bug again in 1.28,I create lots of entities with label, but when I set the clustering enabled, some labels was invisible in 2D.

the code as follows:

Hi Rick,

Thanks again for the report. Clustering in 2D and Columbus View was fixed in #5136, which will be in Cesium 1.32 next week.