Reset Tilt using rotateCV

Hello, I’m needing to create a button that will reset the tilt / heading back to the default. I can do this with the built-in camera.flyTo method by providing the orientation object to the method, however all that does for tilt is to rotate the camera down. I need it to replicate the CTR + Drag / Middle Mouse Drag functionality to get it back to pointing down and still be looking at the same relative spot on the map. Chanigng the orientation with flyTo simply points the camera down, but the mouse controls for tilt actually orbit a point on the map and tilt around that point, which is what I want to simulate with a button press for resetting tilt / heading. In the code for the mouse tilt functions there’s a rotateCV function. Is there anything accessible that has similar functionality? rotateCV seems to be a private function to the source code and not static like the camera.flyTo