Roaming 3dtiles scene, memory has been increasing dramatically

Roaming 3dtiles scene, memory has been increasing dramatically.
My 3dtiles file has 100G.

Ceisum version: 1.66

How was this 3D Tiles file created? What is the format of your source model/data?

Created as:
var tileset = viewer.scene.primitives.add(new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
url: tiles[key].url,
clippingPlanes: clippingPlanes,
maximumScreenSpaceError: 16,
maximumMemoryUsage: 128,
dynamicScreenSpaceError: true,
immediatelyLoadDesiredLevelOfDetail: true,

How were these tiles created though? What software did you use to generate them? What type of data is the source model?

I converted through s3m-spec(,
The source file is s3m format

just Roaming the 3dtiles, the memory keeps increasing.

my code:

I think the issue might be that the generated 3D Tileset you have loads more tiles in each view than is necessary.

Do you have an OBJ or glTF version of your data? If so you can upload it to Cesium ion and check if you get better memory use there.

My source data is osgb and there is no data in gltf format.
Whether cesium 3dfileset will overflow memory when large amount of data.

You should be able to convert your OSGB source to OBJ or glTF so that you can try tiling it with Cesium ion.