rotation of map causing color change in image

I have jpeg images to display in cesium. The images contain font. When the map is rotated in cesium, the color of the fonts changes depending upon their position.
Attached are the two images to show comparison

Can someone please help in fixing the issue? I want to display clear image with no alteration in font color.

I guess this might be due to some layering effect, but still not able to figure this out. Any suggestion, help is appreciated !!



Hello Aman,

Are the green patches polygons and you’re adding the text as billboards? Since they occupy the same space, from certain angles the polygon will render on top of the billboard.

You can fix this by using the Billboard.eyeOffset property. A negative Z value will make the billboard render on top. ( ie. eyeOffset: new Cesium.Cartesian3(0, 0, -100); ) You’ll have to experiment to find what value works best for you.