Running a standalone terrain server


I've downloaded the cesium git repository and launch a ant build. It's ok.

Now, I'm trying to run a local server to get terrain data from my private network using ant runServer command.
The server is running on localhost:8185 and examples are running correctly.

I've modified the cesium terrain sample to load terrain data from
http://localhost:8185/terrain but nothing appears.

In the browser console, I've got the error [HTTP/1.1 400 No url specified.

So, is it possible to get running the terrain server locally ?

What is wrong ?


It’s unclear to me what terrain server you’re trying to run. We host a public terrain server at, but there is no terrain data included in the Cesium GitHub repo. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do?


I just want to run the cesium terrain locally.
I supposed that the runServer ant command should already run the cesium terrain server locally.
How could I run a cesium terrain server with data on my local network ?

The Cesium terrain data is about 11 gig - much too big to put in the Cesium repo and include with the server. For terrain on a local network, you can use ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider to access terrain stored in an ArcGIS Server, but it’s a bit clunky due to the need for a transcoding proxy to turn the TIFs (which browsers can’t read) into specially-encoded PNGs. You can also use a VT MAK VR TheWorld server. And some folks on the forum here are working on loading terrain from GeoServer.

But the best solution, in my obviously biased opinion, is the STK Terrain Server. That’s a new commercial product that I’ve been working on for a few months now that makes it extremely easy to do what you want to do. We’re getting ready to roll out a beta of it real soon now. I’ll send you an invitation to apply to be in the beta.


Hello, I'm one of people who working on loading a terrain from geoserver. Also I'm working with Java STK components and I'm interested to beta test the STK terrain Server.

Great, I’ll send you an invitation as well.

hi! kevin

can you post step by step procedure for standalone terrain server.
and start 3d globe in it.