Rutfjs in Cesium

Hello everyone, Can anyone help me solve a webpack problem? How can I import package and using in Cesium code?
First: I install turfjs in Cesium Repo like:

npm install -S @turf/turf

Secend: using turf in Cesium repo

import * as turf from '@turf/turf'

error info:

TypeError: An error occurred while parsing the module specifier “@turf/turf”. The relevant module specifier must start with “./”, “…/” or “/”.

Hi @xuncanzhe,

I suspect that you need to update the default path for the ‘@turf/turf’ in your webpack configuration file. JavaScript is looking for the turf source code and is currently unable to find it.

Overall, this issue is not really related to CesiumJS. For more tailored support, I recommend reaching out to the webpack community or asking about this on Stack Overflow.