SandCastle plugins

It always bothered me exploring SandCastle apps without total freedom of motion. So I found a way to run my 3DMouse plugin into any SandCastle app. To plugin all you need to do is:

//add this to the html (change src to where the plugin resides)

//remove the var in this line (the plugin declares viewer as a global)
viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);

//then add this line (the plugin declares Cesium as a global)


Perhaps declaring Cesium and viewer as globals isn’t proper, but at least it works. If there’s a better way to make SandCastle plugins do let me know! Here’s Geometry and Appearances SandCastle app with the 3DMouse plugin

Looks cool.

What mouse was it again? and how many hours should I expect in training if I want to master the 3d mouse for moving around? (I can see the value of this in presentations :))

Here are a few introductory videos demonstration how a 3DMouse is used

It’s very intuitive. The force applied to the cap is the same force applied to whatever it is you’re controlling on the screen, such as a camera. Basically you already know how to use one, but with practice you can become more agile using it.

This is really cool, where can you get “myplugin.js”? Is this for a specific mouse? Do you have link to buy it?

If you check out the thread titled ‘SpaceNavigator support’ I wrote about 2 caveats with 3DMice in browsers. They’re not showstoppers, but one can be really annoying. It is for 3DMice like the Space Navigator. Here’s a good site covering the history of 3DMice

Just type in one of the products such as Space Navigator into Google then press the shopping tab, you can get one for under $100. Definitely worth it! There are now wireless 3DMice, but unfortunately they don’t use Bluetooth HID to connect with most mobile devices.

I wonder if it has to do with the specific firmware of the spacemouse you bought. Am thinking about this one:

Will this one work with the Cesium plugin? Is the “js” file that you reference in the first post available in a github or something? (If you already have this model and would recommend I get another one, I can help test to see if I get the same problems.)

If you could get one of the newer wireless SpaceMouse I could then find out if they have the same problems. You can get those for around $120, just $30 more than the Space Navigators. You can also operate it wired.

I haven’t yet put the js file on GitHub, but I plan to soon. I’ll probably put the file on a web file hosting service so you can just link to it without having to copy it locally. So you should be able to run it with the online SandCastle apps as well, plus the updates will be automatic.

I already added 3D Compass and soon Sun and Moon altitude/azimuth arrows. I’ll add keyboard support as well so you can do 6DOF with a keyboard, though a 3DMouse is much better with 350 levels per direction compared to a keyboard’s mere 1 level per direction.

There’s also a 6DOF ‘curved Cartesian’ option, which is how I had 6DOF Google Earth setup (along great circles or rhumblines.) The main reason it was ‘curved Cartesian’ was because the API didn’t expose true Cartesian, and GE doesn’t even give you height above a reference ellipsoid.

Hello, I’m learning cesium recently. I tried to use 3Dconnexion in cesium just like in your video, but I failed. Could you share your code? if so I would appreciate it!