Plugins in Sandcastle

Thanks to the hint from this thread
Sandcastle: Cesium & viewer vars
I finally managed to get my entire plugin working in remote Sandcastles (not local) and it seems to work in all of the Sandcastles examples. Here’s an example where I can not only manipulate the camera with a 3DMouse, but any object I click on as well.
Just 5 lines of code inserted into the sandcastle code entry textbox is all it took to plugin the plugin.

This is pretty great - I love the music :smile:

I’ve never used a 3D mouse before - it’s basically this device ? Does your plugin just take any entity/primitive and allow you to move it around?

Thanks, I try to seek some fun music that matches the video time.

Ya, the 3DConnexion 3DMice, basically 6DOF variable input. Constant input, no running out of mousepad space. Don’t even need a driver, the browser automatically detects it and makes it accessible via the Gamepad api. You could use any number of 3DMice at the same time, I had 2 at the same time for awhile.

I select objects using pick (using 2Dmouse) I then determine if the object has node and mesh properties, if it does I then manipulate the modelMatrix using the 3DMouse (or keyboard.) I could extend it to other objects, perhaps ones that don’t have modelMatrix. I probably need to alter the controls a bit, to make controlling objects screen relative, to make it easier.

It plays nice with the default controls as well, if you don’t input anything to the 3DMouse the regular camera controls work as normal.

Care to post a link to the plugin? The github repo of the old version of the plugin does not seem to work. The example you refer to in sandcastle would also be cool to see.