Scene backgroundColor

I’m writing a virtual world framework application that is combining webrtc and cesium. I want to display a video in the back ground with the cesium earth in front of the video. I’ve actually done this with threejs and glge successfully by setting the backgroundColor to: rgba(0,0,0,0), setting the alpha to 0. When I set the backgroundColor of the Cesium.Scene to 0,0,0,0, I’m not getting the desired results. I’m currently using the CesiumWidget(I’m destroying the sky box and the atmosphere after creation), but I also have a version that manually creates the scene. Is there a way to make the backgroundColor handle the alpha properly?


Link to the webapp. When you load the page a 16 digit moniker will be added to the URL. Send that full url to another and you chat with live video( assuming that both clients have a webcam ).



Cool - we often blend things on top of Cesium, but have yet to blend Cesium on top of other HTML elements.

Try this small pull request, and pass “{ alpha : true }” as the second argument when creating the Scene by hand. Alternatively, go to Line 178 in Context.js, and temporary change it to “options.alpha = true;”

Let me know how it goes.


Awesome, thanks. I’ll get to this later today.