Screen Space Event Type of mouse drag

Hi Guys,
In Screen Space Event Type events I need mouse left click drag and mouse right click drag.

Is it possible ?

How can I use mouse drag events in Screen Space Type Handler .

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More elaborating my post,
I am implementing, whenever camera is very close to the object then object will convert to 3d Model. And if camera is too far to

object then object will convert to 2d icon. For this, I have to use MOUSE_DRAG events in my code. But in Screen Space Event Type , there

is no MOUSE_DRAG events. For that purpose, what can i do ?

Hi Mojan,

Checkout CameraEventAggregator and CameraEventType. It aggregates multiple mouse events into single events. For example, there would be a single event for combining mouse left down, mouse move, and mouse up events. This class is probably hard to find because it is poorly named, but we only use it for moving the camera based on user input.