Selecting different parts from a 3d building and display attribute it


I’m working on 3D Cadastre, I want to select different parts (lots) from a building and display attribute it.

Can you help me for this?

I don’t want to select whole of a building, Do you have code for selecting different parts from building?

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What type of data are you working with? Is it just a glTF or a combination of glTF with some sort of vector data?

First data is with CityGML format (a building with attribute) then i convert it to COLLADA then to glTF format, The building including multi-unit buildings, I want to select different parts from building then display attribute it in the Cesium,

Some information may get lost from the CityGML to glTF conversion. Can you send over one of your models? Is it possible to select different nodes in a model like in this dev-example: and then show or hide the picked node by setting to true or false. I don’t think the attributes would be preserved, but I’d like to check out the model you have.


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I don’t think so, Yes i attached my model,

I want to select units of building and display attribute it on screen.(I send for you image from example).

I don’t want to enter coordinate of object, i want to read coordinate of building from model and display attribute of building by any click(select model).

i sent for you snapshot from my model that i run(by error name, first image).




faculty-citygml1.xml (918 KB)

Can you also send over the glTF model?

Hello Sabah. Can I know how you build your building from the scratch until it can have the function to display the attributes?

I drew it by the Sketch up software, No unfortunately.

Sorry if I ask you again, how you link the sketch up data with their database?

By install city engine plug-in on sketch up.